Technical specifications:

  • Max. permissible workload (WLL): 10.000 kg per container hook.
  • Weight: approx. 3,5 kg per container hook.
  • Each Twist4lift is provided with a serial number and CE mark.
  • Fabrication date and supplier information are stated on the certificate that is included with every Twist4lift.
  • A storage system is included with every set of 4 container hooks.
  • The Twist4lift is suited for containers with corner castings according to ISO 1161.

For this application the Twist4lift is tested at an ultimate load of 40.000 kg without failure (test coefficient 4), where until a load of 20.000 kg no visible, permanent deformation was detected.

See the manual for more information and safe use of the Twist4lift:

Twist4Lift_manual UK V1

Example Twist4lift CE certificate:

Twist4lift CE certificate SAMPLE