Why Twist4lift

Why choose for Twist4lift?

There are many reasons to choose for this innovative container lifting system:

  • The Twist4lift container lifting system is straightforward and very easy to install and lock.
  • There is no difference between a left and right side hook. They fit at any corner of the container!
  • There is no difference between right angle (90°) and 45° container hook. Depending on the workload, they can be used at every lifting angle.
  • The Twist4lift can be applied in both the lower and upper corner casting. When using the lower corner casting, no climbing and work at height is required anymore (VCA / SCC).
  • The Twist4lift is locked in the corner casting and can not fall out when it is not loaded (in contrast to a ‘normal’ container hook). This avoids loss, damage of truck and / or trailer and other unsafe situations.
  • They are more compact than conventional container hooks.
  • The smart & robust design and accompanying storage system guaranties a durably and low maintenance lifespan.

The Twist4lift is CE certified with a permissible workload (WLL) of 10 Ton per container hook (40 ton in total for 4 container hooks).

Convenient Twist4lift storage system, included when purchasing a Twist4lift set: